Release Notes 0.37.0
Critical changes
  • "ExcludeTime" = true by default. When you create a Calendar (bs-datetime-ex) or Date Picker (bs-datapicker) item, the default time will not be taken into account (i.e. it will be 00:00). To include time (pass current time to item) change the ExcludeTime flag to false.
  • Flag for backend.
  • The flag indicating whether the control has unsaved changes (IsValueChanged) is set to false, if the control is "visible": false and "enable": true. If the value of the modified control is equal to the original control, then the flag(IsValueChanged) also becomes false
  • Actions (onBeforeClickActions) are performed before rules (SubmitValidateRules)
    When setting up a server search, if item(bs-input) was configured as a numeric(type: "number") or as a text area(type: "area"), then such item becomes a text item(type: "text"). Check and replace with bs-textarea and bs-number respectively!
New features
Methods for deleting a directory
Added methods that allow you to check if this object is not used in others when deleting a directory.
Import/export of directory with multiple unrelated attributes

Added the ability to export and import a reference book with multiple unrelated attributes. The export is done using the "Export Template with Data" button, which is located in the "Export" drop-down list.
Customizing styles to group
The interface includes functionality for configuring styles on grouping elements. The style is created through the right control panel
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